Phil Mickelson found it necessary to make a comment today about the comment he made about paying his taxes in California. Who can blame him? Like many American’s Mickelson is paying a ton of money out in taxes. The guy has made 70 million dollars on the PGA tour and with the new tax laws in California, he is scheduled to pay 62% of his income in taxes. Phil also brought in 40 million dollars in sponsorship money last year, he is second only to Tiger Woods.

Thinks about how much money Mickelson pays out in taxes. The guy has a right to make a statement. Many PGA tour pros live in Florida to avoid the extra burden of state taxes. Florida has none. Mickelson backed out of the ownership deal with the San Diego Padres because of the tax liability that went along with it. I for one, don’t think Mickelson should feel the need to come out and apologize for making statements about paying taxes. We all are disgusted with how much money we pay in taxes only to see people in congress collecting large sums of  money and retirement packages for doing nothing.

If our tax money showed something good, we wouldn’t mind paying them. For guys like Phil Mickelson, I hope he continues to speak his mind. Mickelson shouldn’t feel the need to apologize for saying what is on many American’s minds.


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  1. GetREal, LG

    Hey man, get your facts right. Mickelson doesn’t pay anywhere near 60% in taxes. If he does he’s a fool and has the worst tax advisers in history. Remember the scandal about Romney’s low tax rates on $40 million income, about 14-15%, and Mass. has a state income tax. He’s bullshitting. He’s just another rich guy who makes a boatload of money because he’s lucky to be good, to play golf and to be an American who feels like paying 35-40% in taxes (probably his real rate) on 40 mill is robbery. In other eras of our history, his true tax rate would be a steal for that kind of dough and the taxpayer would take it in an instant. He’s just another selfish spoiled brat who doesn’t realize how good he has it. Most of us mortals would have to work 500 lifetimes to make what he earns in a year, and we don’t get the special tax breaks, the offshore accounts, and the special tax-free estate plans that only people with his type of cash qualify for. He’s lived a charmed life and benefitted from all who’ve come before him to allow him to accumulate such a substantial net worth. Obviously, he has no idea about social security tax (laughable for him, one pay check for 15th place and he’s done paying it for the year), Medicare, disability, etc. It’s called a progressive tax for a reason. The more you earn the more you pay. If he can’t live on 20 million a year then he needs to get another job. Oh wait, he has many other jobs. Phil, sadly, is just another misinformed wing nut who feels he’s one of the makers. Leave Cali, Phil, we won’t miss ya.

    • OK

      A large part of Romney’s earnings were capital gains, which are taxed at a relatively low rate. Unfortunately for Phil, tour and sponsorship earnings aren’t capital gains. As for FICA tax, to my knowledge it’s still capped, but Medicare tax isn’t. As far as tax in “other eras of our history”, the founders of our country were largely motivated by the objectionable taxes imposed by the British, and there was no federal income tax until the Civil War. Revenues were largely generated by things like tariffs and excise taxes. As far as inviting Phil to leave, you might want to rethink that. Any state would be glad to have him, as his taxes build a heck of a lot more infrastucture and support a lot more people than those who pay relativity little, or no tax. I myself am grateful to and appreciative of people like Phil. Also, I would like to see less entitlements and more charity, as it refers to “the pursuit of happiness”, not happiness, as an inalienable right in the Declaration of Independence. You might want to consider testing the validity of your attitude toward taxes by going out for drinks and/or dinner with a buddy who makes more than you, and demand that he pick up most, or all of the tab because you’re entitled to preferential treatment. Good luck.


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