Phil Mickelson found it necessary to make a comment today about the comment he made about paying his taxes in California. Who can blame him? Like many American’s Mickelson is paying a ton of money out in taxes. The guy has made 70 million dollars on the PGA tour and with the new tax laws in California, he is scheduled to pay 62% of his income in taxes. Phil also brought in 40 million dollars in sponsorship money last year, he is second only to Tiger Woods.

Thinks about how much money Mickelson pays out in taxes. The guy has a right to make a statement. Many PGA tour pros live in Florida to avoid the extra burden of state taxes. Florida has none. Mickelson backed out of the ownership deal with the San Diego Padres because of the tax liability that went along with it. I for one, don’t think Mickelson should feel the need to come out and apologize for making statements about paying taxes. We all are disgusted with how much money we pay in taxes only to see people in congress collecting large sums of  money and retirement packages for doing nothing.

If our tax money showed something good, we wouldn’t mind paying them. For guys like Phil Mickelson, I hope he continues to speak his mind. Mickelson shouldn’t feel the need to apologize for saying what is on many American’s minds.


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