2013 hasn’t been kind to Davis Love III. In his first 2 starts on the PGA tour Love has missed the cut. Now, he had to withdraw from the Phoenix open siting a neck injury. Love could be another in the long list of great players that could have  really been one of the greats if it were not for those injuries.  Davis Love has had neck problems for the last several seasons and at times it has shortened his PGA Tour Schedule significantly. For those of you that recall, Love III was going to be another of Golfs all time greats when he first broke onto the scene. He could hit the ball a mile and he could put well too. Now he is lucky to make it through a tournament. As A fan of the game, I feel cheated. I would have loved to see Davis play to his true potential.  Lets hope he can find a solution to his neck problems soon and get back out on tour as soon as  possible……….

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