Golfer Bubba Watson buys the house where Tiger Woods ex-wife Elin Nordegren found out about all the infidelities, the house where she attacked Tiger with a 9 iron and forced him out as he hit the tree close to his driveway. This is the house where all of Tigers marital problems started.

Watson the defending Masters Champion bought Woods’ suburban Orlando home that has been listed at $2.2 million. He doesn’t seemed to be bothered by the fact some call it the scandal house. Watson also doesn’t seemed to be bothered by the ghosts of Tiger’s past either.

One thing you have to wonder about is where Watson will keep his golf clubs. He probably won’t keep them close to the kitchen. That was a bad move on the part of Woods and we know what happened next. Watson said they closed on the House Of Scandal last summer and plans to move in Thursday or Friday.

This is the house where Tiger’s marriage took a turn for the worse Thanksgiving weekend in 2009. Not only did his marriage take a bad turn, his S.U.V. also did as he was leaving the driveway that night. Reportedly Watson and his wife already have plans underway to completely remodel the home in a attempt to ward off any bad karma. Not that lighting is going to strike twice in the same house..

Nonetheless, Watson better have a special storage locker put in place to keep his clubs under lock and key. You never know when the woman of the house will feel the urge to strike something.



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