It only comes around every 2 years and now forever people will be talking about how an incorrect ruling ruined the 2013 Solheim Cup. How could a mistake of this magnitude be allowed to happen on a stage this big. Everyone around the world is watching the Solheim Cup.

This is the equivalent of the men Ryder cup.  They should have people in place to over rule improper rulings. The players police themselves in golf, they should have officials policing the other officials. The point is this kind of thing shouldn’t be allowed to influence the outcome of something as big and as important as the Solheim Cup.

Some players never have the chance to play in a Solheim cup match. This is an important event. Some people want to  blame the rules of golf for being to complicated for what tool place. That is hog-wash. People have understood the rules of golf for over a hundred years.

There should and are people around that can help other officials make a ruling if there are any questions. It is up to the rules officials to get things right at these events and if they are any questions they need to halt play until they get it right. There is no sense at all to blame their mistake on the rules of golf.

The problem with the rule came into play when a European player, Ciganda hit her second shot on the par-5 15th into a red-staked hazard near the green. That is when the trouble started. It took 26 minutes for the rules official to figure out the proper course of action.

The rule isn’t that difficult to understand. Rule 26 1-C allows a player whose ball crosses a lateral water hazard to take a one-stroke penalty and drop two club lengths back from the point of entry, or cross to the opposite side of the red staked lateral hazard and drop two club lengths no nearer the hole.

How in the world can the official make a 40 yard mistake? Anyone with a brain would know this is an incorrect ruling. Now, if a player made that ruling and played the shot,  she would have been disqualified. Seeing how the rules official blew the call, here is what the LPGA had to say;

We regret that an incorrect ruling was given and we apologize for any confusion that was caused on the course for the players. Ultimately Ciganda proceeded to play according to the final ruling she was given and the result of the match does not change.

Someone other than the original rules official that was walking with the group should have gone over and helped with this one. I mean come on, anytime you see someone taking 26 minutes to make a ruling, you hae to know something bad is going to come out of it.

It is too bad this had to happen at the 2013 Solhiem Cup. It is a shame that an unknowable rules official was allowed to have an influence on the out come of a match.

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