Remember that television commercial where the guy said; “I Love This Country”? That has to be one of Marv Albert’s favorite sayings. Just think some 15 or 16 years ago Marv Albert gets arrested for allegations he was biting a women several times on her back,  while wearing women’s panties and a garter belt and tonight he was calling the NBA All-Star game. What other part of the world would that take place?

It was May 27th 1997, Albert was officially indicted for charges of forcible sodomy, as well as assault, on May 19 of that year. The allegations came from a women by the name of Vanessa Perhach who Albert had a tryst  for years. The reason she decided to turn him in now was because he was going to end it with her and settle down with some one else allegedly. Otherwise the tryst  could have went on for who knows how long. Nonetheless only in America can you pull something off like this then be on television some  16 years later  call the NBA All-Star Game and act like you never missed a beat.

If you are interested in reading more about the Marv Albert alleged sodomy and biting arrest you can find it by clicking here…

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