This is another case where Geraldo Rivera  is missing the boat. He doesn’t seem to understand that the troubles Aaron Hernandez struggles with started long before he ever came into the NFL. Rivera is trying to blame the problem’s that Hernandez is facing on the NFL.

Rivera thinks the NFL should have programs in place to mentor the young men who come into the league. He says, many of these guys have no fathers and they come from the inner city. Rivera misses the point that many of these guys have played collage football.

That means they have 4 years of solid coaching under their belts long before they enter the NFL draft. The NFL isn’t going to help a guy like Hernandez. Rivera fails to realize this guy is a punk, who was part of a gang and hen he got a 40 million dollar contract, he thought he was above the law.

Here is a quote from Rivers I read in the sporting news;

“I don’t know why the league who recruits these kids from the inner city, how they don’t have minders, how the agents who are collecting 10 percent of $40 million, where are they in all of this?” Rivera said on Fox News recently. “Why aren’t they mentoring these young men who are fatherless, many of them—Ray Lewis and all the rest. Michael Vick. Uh, you can count them. There’s a ton of them. They sign them because they’re superb athletes and do nothing to preserve their character and put them on the right road toward manhood. It’s really pathetic.”

It is obvious that it is Rivera who could use some mentoring. The guy is dead wrong about what the responsibilities of the NFL are. Guys like Hernandez are going to get worse when they make a ton of money. What the NFL should do, is put a rule in place that they enforce about player conduct.

The NFL should have a zero tolerance program in place that issues lifetime suspensions to players who get in trouble at bars and nightclubs. This would stop some of the behavior we have seen over the past dozen or so years. These NFL players need to set good examples for kids, they need to learn how to stay out of troubles way.

If the NFL had a zero tolerance policy in place, then some of the bad behavior coming from players would stop. Would it have helped Hernandez, probably not.

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