Geno Smith, you can’t expect to win in the NFL when you keep on turning the ball over. You need to stop throwing interceptions. You can’t turn the ball over 3 times and expect to continue winning in the NFL.

Smith had a night filled with pressure from a hungry New England Patriots team. They continued to rush Smith on a rain filled night in New England. Smith was sacked 4 times in the game and he was hit 9 times in the game.

He threw 3 interceptions when he was trying to make something happen. His receivers have to help him out in those situations. Smith did what he could but the Jets just fell short of getting their second win losing to Brady and company by 3 points.

Smith had a QB rating of 27.6 in last nights game, he completed just 15 of his 35 pass attempts. He has to be able to do better than that if he is going to contend in the NFL. He is a rookie and he is still learning.

The Jets offensive line has to find a way to protect Smith better than they did last night. You can’t leave the entire game up to the quarterback, he is going to need some help. If the Jets can find a way to protect their young quarterback, he will help this team win.

Until then Smith and the Jets are going to suffer.




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