The New York Jets are really going to have a quarterback controversy on their hands this season. Both Smith and Sanchez expect to be the starting QB for the Jets. Smith wants the job so bad he won;t even be going to the Sanchez camp. The guy really knows how to make friends.

The way things are in New York with head coach Rex Ryan, anything is possible.  Smith may get his wish to be the Jets starting quarterback, but he still could have tried to get along with Sanchez. Making the transition from College to the pros isn’t as easy and Geno Smith might think.

He could use all the tips from a guy like Sanchez that he could get. One thing is for  sure, he is not making it easy to get along with others. With this move Smith makes it clear that he wants nothing to do with Sanchez and they are teammates at least for now. Smith could have tried to reach out and make friends but that isn’t going to be the case.

Smith brings his own attitude to the NFL. The same attitude that cost him to be rejected out of the top draft picks this season. He has some learning to do…

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