By Alyssa Noe

He’s still a work in progress, but does QB Geno Smith have potential in his almost-to-be NFL career? As a potential top 10 pick and talks of becoming a “franchise quarterback”, is this kid capable?

Lets take a look at his college career in West Virginia University.  He got off to a slow start, playing behind senior Jarrett Brown. Then, as a true sophomore, it was Smith’s turn. He played under coach Bill Stewart modestly throwing 2,800 yards with 7 interceptions. Once head coach Dana Holgorsen took over, that’s when Smith really took off. Before his senior year there was already hype about this star athlete. Smith’s NFL potential only went noticed once his high-scoring offense was an actual competitor in the Big 12.

We all know what came of that though.

The season ended with broken hopes, empty seats, and unending disappointment.

There is hope though; for this QB prospect and that is, his future in the National Football League. He’s got undeniable skills, a true raw talent that has been noticed by even the best recruiters. But can that natural skill propel him into success on a professional level? Only time will tell.

I know this kid. Hell, I go to school with Smith. I’ve never sat down one on one, but the talk that goes on about him is endless. What I do know is that this kid loves to play. He’s one of those 24/7-football kind of guys. When he’s not in practice, he’s in the weight room, when he’s not in weight room, he’s watching film, when he’s not watching film, he’s studying the playbook. So what? If a kid gets themselves to this level of play, than he better love the game. There is something though that makes up for his unqualified mental skill and that is this love. So many players get to the point where Smith’s at and can’t wait for a pay-raise. They’ll be just fine sitting on the sidelines or on the practice squad making a living off the field. This kid has an inner drive that will push him to learn the parts he’s lacking.

Because if you look at it, he isn’t lacking sheer, raw talent; something you can’t gain overnight.

I don’t know though. There are many possible outcomes. He could get crushed under the pressure, stardom can get to his head, or even give up football all-and-all. For some reason though, I believe in this kid. Maybe it’s my Mountaineer Pride, who knows, but something great will come of Geno Smith….and Tavon Austin, now that’s a complete different story.

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