Reports say LeBron James the games most popular player is considering a run at the office of President.  James is reportedly interested in running for the office of the NBA players association president. Would this be good for the game?

James would make a fine president, he would represent the players every-time they flop. He would demand to stop fining them so they could make the flop part of the game. He may also try to instill a rule that who ever whines the most to the refs could get extra points in the game.

The last thing the game needs is LeBron James as the players association president. Let him just play the game. He doesn’t need to be side-tracked by trying to change things. He has more than enough on his mind.

The King is considering a run at the office but hasn’t made a decision yet. Maybe he is waiting for a television deal to come out and release his decision. Only time will tell if the Kings title is going to change to Mr. President.

For now he is still just a King.


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