The Cleveland Browns jumped into the race to secure the services of Green Bay Packers free agent Matt Flynn. The Brown and the Dolphins are both interested in having Flynn on their roosters. Flynn has said the Cleveland Browns would be his third choice stating he would only go to Cleveland if he didn’t get good offers from either the Miami Dolphins of the Seattle Seahawks. The Cleveland Browns may have a secret weapon in team president Mike Holmgren who coached the Green Bay Packers and is still close to the city of Green Bay. Holmgren was just honored in Green Bay for the job he did there.

If Holmgren can talk to Flynn just maybe the Browns could have the inside track to gaining Flynn’s services. Reports say Flynn is familiar with the west coast offense the Cleveland Browns are trying to run. The deal may come down to how much cap room the Browns have and if they can give Flynn some weapons in the draft to make the Browns competitive this season.  The Dolphins just traded away their best receiver yesterday to the Chicago Bears. The Browns have some good draft picks and they could go after Blackmon in the up-coming NFL draft.

Flynn’s choice could come down to which team has the best chances of winning and the Cleveland Browns could jump in front of that race if they use their draft picks well.

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