Jen Floyd Engel could be crossing the line by trying to tie former Jets quarterback Tim Tebow to a host of internet Jason Collins basher’s.  Engel who wrote an article she titled “Collins bashers spew gospel of hate” said that Tebow, is the willing face of Christianity in sports, and for many, this makes him a phony.

What does Tebow have to do with people making comments about Jason Collins? The guy came out and said he was gay a few days ago, and to the best of my knowledge, I haven’t heard of Tebow making any comments on the subject.

Jen, you should back from Tebow a little. The guy has done nothing to you and probably wouldn’t do anything to hurt you. As far as what Collins is faced with, there are plenty of people who don’t think it is right. Each one of us on this Earth will face our maker one of these days. It is not our job to judge people for what happens on this earth.

The job of judging is left to one and one only. A true Christian wouldn’t be judging Collins on his sexual orientation. They don’t have to like what Collins is doing, but it is not their job to pass judgement. God will do that job. The Bible has been around for a very long time. It clearly states that men are supposed to marry women. There is nothing in the Bible that says it is acceptable behavior for men to engage in the behavior that Jason Collins has chosen.

A true Christian knows that God gave everyone free will. It is up to the person as to what they do with their own free will. One day Collins will meet his maker one day and it is then when he will be  judged. To try to make Tebow responsible for anything that Collins is going through now, is passing judgement Jen Floyd Engel.

I am more than a little surprised that a Fox Sports reporter would try to blame Tebow for what Collins is going through. You can read Engel’s story by following this link….



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