Former Ohio State Buckeye great, Jared Sullinger always had problems with his back. Most of the NBA teams knew he suffered injury that prevented him from playing the game at the highest level. The Boston Celtics didn’t seem to mind those reports. They took a chance and they drafted the big man an  now Sullinger’s rookie NBA season has come to a premature end. Jared will require back surgery, this news comes as no surprise to people who followed Sullinger when he played for The Ohio State University.

Sullinger was out on more than one occasion due to back problems. It was those back problems that sent Jared’s draft stock lower and it was one reason he didn’t come out as a number one pick. Sullinger has all the tools to play at the NBA level as he has shown playing for the Celtics this season.  The Celtics Danny Ainge had this to say about Sullingers injury; “It’s a tough blow, especially coming on the heels of Rajon’s injury,”  “Jared does something that … he’s been our best rebounder. He’s a complete player and he’ll be tough to replace.”

You can bet he will be tough to replace, the one thing Sullinger has always done well, even in his days at O.S.U. was get under the basket and fight for those rebounds. Sullinger’s build made him an ideal candidate to lead a team in rebounding. He is a big strong young guy and I hope he can come back from this back surgery better than ever. He is still young enough to make a complete recovery. The important thing is to rehab exactly as his is instructed. You know what they say about back problems, “once a back, Always a Back”. Lets hope that is not the case with Jared Sullinger….

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