The grand jury that has been in session shortly after his arrest on June 26th has formally indicted Hernandez in the murder of Odin Lloyd. Hernandez was scheduled to appear in court today, but prosecutors in the case were waiting for the indictment from the grand jury.

The grand jury heard evidence on Lloyd’s death as well as a double homicide in Boston in July 2012, it is not clear if Hernandez will be charged in the Boston killings at this time. The grand jury also listened to testimony about a shooting in Florida in February, this is the one where the guy filed a civil suit against Hernandez back around the time of the Lloyd killing.

One of Hernandez’s accomplishes, Ernest Wallace was also charged as an accessory after the fact, Wallace is currently being held in jail too. Carlos Ortiz the other so called accomplish, has not been immediately indicted. Who knows, maybe Ortiz is telling the prosecutors what they need to know.

Otherwise he too should have been charged as an accessory after the fact. He was reportedly with Hernandez the night of the shooting. Why he hasn’t been charged is anyone’s guess. Hernandez can send letters from his jail cell to anyone he wants to telling them what a great guy he is. It doesn’t seem as though the grand jury believed it.


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