It seems like former NBA great Allen Iverson has had enough. He is now ready to play Russian Roulette with a fully loaded gun. That is what he told Adrien Broner and crew while taping episode 3 of “About Billions produced by Broner.

It seems like the legal hassles Iverson is dealing with his ex-wife Tawanna is starting to get to the former NBA player. Just a few weeks ago she accused him of kid-napping his children.  He has obviously had enough.

When a former professional athlete threatens to play  Russian Roulette, it should be taken seriously. Many times you might think they are just blowing of steam, but sometimes these threats do materialize.

When Iverson made the statement, Broner asked; with a fully loaded gun and he responded by saying; “Damn sure ready to play Russian Roulette.”

Only time will tell if Iverson was just blowing off steam. If he does indeed play the deadly game, we will find out soon enough.


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