Former NASCAR driver Dick Trickle decided to take own life today. Before he pulled the trigger and killed himself, he made a call to the Lincoln County Communications Center telling the operator they would find a dead body at the Forest Lawn Cemetery in Boger City, N.C and that body would be him.

Trickle hung up the phone and the operator tried to call back but failed to get an answer. Apparently, trickle killed himself right after placing the call. When Emergency units arrived on the scene and found Trickle’s body lying near his pickup truck.

Many people around the town where Trickle took his life knew him. He had lived in the area since the early 1990s. Trickle started 303 races in NASCAR’s Cup Series. He really made a name for himself on Midwestern short tracks.

Drivers who still compete in the NASCAR circuit that raced against Trickle were in shock when they received the news of Trickles suicide. They couldn’t believe the man they raced against took his own life.

Driver Mark Martin sent a tweet saying; “Say it not so.” Rusty Wallace sent out a tweet saying he learned a lot about racing from trickle. Dick Trickle was 71-years-old.


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