The New York Jets had a tough time once the off-season started, why is former New York Jets star Joe Namath out to get Tim Tebow? Namath doesn’t like Tebow and he continues to display his displeasure with the NFL star quarterback. The Jets coaches have seen improvement in Tebow’s mechanics this spring and continue to praise him. This seems to anger Namath. You have to wonder if Namath is afraid that Time Tebow will become the New York Jets favorite quarterback taking the focus away from Broadway Joe. Is Namath worried Tebow will become a fan favorite and Joe will fall from the spot he has held for decades?

Joe Namath needs to stop bashing Tebow and become a supporter. The only thing Joe Namath is doing by making these negative comments is further disrupt the Jets locker room. Either become a supporter of your team Mr. Namath or keep your comments to yourself. The Jets have enough work to do this off-season. They can’t be bothered by what Joe Namath thinks about Time Tebow. Maybe it is the new Tim Tebow song Tebow and The Jets that got Namath so upset. Hey fans of Tebow and the Jets can get a copy of the new Tebow song for less than a cup of coffee.

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