Former Browns quarterback Bernie Kosar brings a fresh new look to the broadcasting both. He speaks his mind and he tells the truth. If anyone knows something about NFL receivers it is Kosar, he made a living throwing the football down field to them.

Kosar made a few comments about how horrible the Rams receivers were during the Browns 27-19 win in their first preseason game. Kosar made it known there was no respect for the Rams quarterback Kellen Clemens either.

When Clemens took to the field, Kosar said, oh no now I have to watch this guy for a quarter, terrible.  The comments Bernie made about the Rams receivers back up quarterback and wide receivers coach, left a bad taste in the mouth of Jeff Fisher.

He has lost all respect for Kosar. You think Bernie really cares about what Fisher thinks? I seriously doubt it. Kosar is one of the greatest football minds that ever played in the NFL. Fisher should stop and listen to Bernie, maybe he could help him win.

Kosar knows football Jeff Fisher. No matter how much respect you lose for Bernie, you cannot take away the fact that he knows football. If a guy like Bernie Kosar says your receivers stink, you should listen.

If he tells you your receivers coach is bad, you should listen.  Bernie Kosar knows football and he knows what he sees. It is refreshing to hear a guy like Kosar in the both telling the truth. It has been a long time coming.

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