Eric Decker went for the money.

He is now a New York Jet and will be playing his football in a hostile environment. Decker let his greed for money get the best of him. He was high-lighted as a Denver Bronco, because of Peyton Manning’s ability to deliver the ball to him.

It’s not going to be that easy in New York. Decker will be relying on quarterback Geno Smith to get him the football. Smith is still in search of his own NFL abilities, and doesn’t come close to a Peyton Manning.

Decker probably got some bad advice from his agent.

You have to wonder how much of the agents own greed plays into the players decision.

Decker’s deal with the Jets is worth $36.25 million over five years and includes $15 million in guaranteed money. If he fails to be the super star he and his agent thinks he is in New York, both the media and the fans will let him know about it.

The Jets aren’t close to being a Super Bowl contender, and by Decker signing his deal with the team, he has probably eliminated any chance of playing in the big game for the rest of his career.

The Broncos on the other hand are a ligament contender.

They could very well return to the Super Bowl again this season. Decker let his love of money, interfere with his better judgement.

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  1. Bababooey

    “The Jets are close to being a Super Bowl contender”

    Did you even proof read this?

    • LG

      Doesn’t it say aren’t


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