If you watched the Baltimore Ravens play the Cleveland Browns this past Sunday and you paid attention to the game, you would have seen James Ihedigbo choking Browns receiver Greg Little.

Ihedigbo, wants to lead people to believe he isn’t a dirty player, but you can’t lie when you are caught on film choking someone.

Little lost his temper and he was penalized for his actions. It was Ihedigbo who should have got a penalty. He should have got a personal foul on the play, but like so many other times, it’s always the last guy seen that gets the penalty.

Ihedigbo should be suspended for at least one game. There is no reason to be choking a guy when you tackle him. The Ravens came into Cleveland not playing their best football, which has been the case most of this season and they tried to intimidate the Browns.

Not only is James Ihedigbo a dirty football player he is also a liar. You can view the picture that is making the rounds on the internet and see his hand trying to choke Greg Little.

How can you argue with film? How can you look at this picture and not see his hand choking Little? It shows that Ihedigbo is a dirty player. He couldn’t stop Little from making plays so he though he could intimidate him. You been bust and you are a dirty player and a liar.


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