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True, the Saints are an extremely disappointing oh-and-four to start the season. But the 1975 Baltimore Colts started one-and-four as I recall, yet still made it to the AFC Title game where they eventually got stomped by the Steelers 40-14, I think. But their poor start was probably more daunting both because the talent on each side of the ball during that era was deeper and better—and also because they were only playing a 14 game schedule back then.


Still, Bert Jones, Lydell Mitchell, Glen Doughty, Raymond Chester and the boys managed to pull it together before it was too late, so I’m thinking that a similarly explosive Brees-led Saints team may be capable of doing the same. Then again, today’s Saints don’t have Joe Ehrmann, John Dutton, Mike Barnes, Fred Cook and Mike Curtis to take care of business on the defensive end…..not that real defense like that matters anymore in today’s NFL

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