S0, you thought the Ravens were done when Ray Lewis went down didn’t ya? You thought their defense could get the job done anymore didn’t ya? You thought the Ravens were going to lose the lead in the AFC North didn’t ya? Today some heads had to turn and not just the ones who were playing corner-back for the  Oakland Raiders either. The Baltimore Ravens are now 7-2 on the season. Flacco and his guys are looking to get it done this season. You knew they were going to come back smoking in 2012 after what happened to them in the 2011 play-offs. This year not much has been able to stop the Ravens. Even when they lose key guys on the defense somehow and someway the Ravens continue to win football games.

Flacco and his Ravens offense had one heck of a good day. The Ravens seemed to be able to score at will, Flacco threw for 341 yards, completed 3 touchdown passes and then watched his backs rush for another 2 touchdowns and he joined the party with a touchdown rush of his own. The Ravens are now looking like the team we thought they could be this season. They are becoming a dominant force out on the Field. Granted, the Raiders aren’t the best football team, they are still an N.F.L. team and it takes a pretty gosh darn good offense to score 55 points against any defense in the N.F.L.




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