The Baltimore Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco wanted to be considered one of the NFL’s elite quarterbacks coming into the 2012 N.F.L. Season. The Ravens were just beaten by a Pittsburgh Steelers team that was lucky to have a quarterback to put on the field of play. Why would anyone want to consider Flacco an N.F.L. Elite quarterback after the performance he had in today’s game? Flacco played poorly, the Ravens should have been able to take care of business against the  Steelers who were forced to play the top team in the AFC North with a 3rd string 37-year-old quarterback who stunk it up in Cleveland last week.

Flacco finished the game with only 16 completions of the 34 passes he threw for 188 yards and a 5.5 per completion average and one touchdown. Flacco had one interception and got sacked 3 times. If this is a performance of an N.F.L. elite quarterback I’ll eat my hat. The Ravens general manager Ozzie Newsome better be considering finding the Ravens a new quarterback, one who can win the tough game if he wants his Ravens to be serious contenders for another Super Bowl Appearance. Flacco isn’t looking like the guy who can get it done.

The Baltimore Ravens should have been able to beat the Steelers in this game. The performance of Joe Flacco is less than acceptable and Flacco should be ashamed of the lack-luster job he did in the game. If Flacco really wants to be considered one of the NFL elite quarterbacks he better start to play like he is deserving of being included in that category…..Right now he has a way to go….


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