Joe Flacco and his Baltimore Ravens take on the Denver Broncos tonight. When the game gets under way one key player will be missing on the Ravens sidelines. For the first time in 17 years the Ravens will be playing without the biggest inspiration in Ravens history.

Ray Lewis won’t be in a Ravens uniform, he won’t be giving Flacco and the team the pep talk in the locker room and he won’t be on the field making tackles. Can the Ravens get up for this game the way Lewis used to pump them up without him being a part of the team anymore?

It is going to be interesting to see the Ravens defense without Lewis there to pump them up. 17 years he was in Baltimore. That is a long time. Now the Ravens start a season without him. It is going to be up to someone else this season to pump the team up.

Flacco should be the guy to get things going, the leadership role is being passed to him for the first time in his career. Flacco needs to get his team off to a fast start. Some think the Ravens are in for a disappointing season.

It is never easy for a Super Bowl Championship team to come into the nest season and perform the way they did in the season that got them to a super bowl. This season it isn’t going to be up to Ray Lewis to get the team pumped up.

It is going to be up to Joe Flacco, the team put a lot of faith into Flacco by making him one of the highest paid quarterbacks in the NFL. Now is his time to show he is worth the money.


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