There was a huge wreck at the end of the race at Daytona today, at least 5 fans suffered injuries as parts of Kyle Larson’s car went flying into the stands. The wreck came on the final lap of the DRIVE4COPD at Daytona International Speedway this afternoon. Tony Stewart won the race, but the concern now is how many people were injured in the stands. There was a multi-car indecent that took place that sent Larson’s car up into the fence, the impact was so great it sheared the  nose and tail off the car.

Parts of the cars suspension went into the crowd along with one of the cars tires. 12 cars got caught up in the accident. Even though Stewart  won the race he didn’t see much reason to celebrate. Stewart said it will be better when he knows the fans and all the drivers were going to be OK.

Reports indicate that 5 fans were injured and four had to be  strapped to backboards. Apparently Larson’s car tore through the catch fence. The debris splattered all over, going as far as to hit a spectator 45 rows up in the stands at Daytona. NASCAR officials has said it didn’t appear any drivers seriously hurt, but it was still unclear how badly the spectators were injured. The injured were being transported to Halifax Medical Center. Driver Michael Annett, also was taken to the Halifax Medical Center after his car crashed head on into the safer barrier.

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