People all over America were just as surprised the Seahawks got the call to win over the Packers Monday night. Fans are saying Pete Carroll should do the right thing and give the game back to the Packers and tell them they really won the game. Like that is going to happen, I have never heard of a team turning over a win onto a loss, there is no way Pete Carroll would ever do that. Some fans say it is the noble thing to do. The replacements referees have gotten more attention after the call Monday night than any thing in football. They are front and center, even the presidential candidates are  giving an opinion about the call in Monday night’s game.

The Bottom line is the Seattle Seahawks won the game and it is time to get over it and move on. The NFL reviewed the game and they came out with why the Seahawks got the call and it had to do with simultaneous reception. They are trying to say that both the Green Bay Packers and the Seahawks caught the ball at the same time, when that happens it goes to the offense. If you look at the reply it does look like the Packers defense did catch the ball first.

In my opinion there is no way a NFL team would give back a win, I don’t know if they can give back a win. If the NFL offices looked at the tape and said the call stands, which is what they did say, then it is time to move on and get over this.



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