The Cincinnati Bengals could be in for their 4th loss in a row. The team’s defense isn’t their strong point and they are going to be facing the NFL’s highest rated quarterback in Peyton Manning. The Broncos are winning football games and they could give the Bengals more than they can handle with their secondary trying to stop Peyton Manning. The Bengals could find a way to stop the age-less wonder the Broncos signed to a mega deal, it is very unlikely though.

Manning finds a way to get things done, he finds a way to beat you. The Bengals and Andy Dalton better have a solid game plan to get points on the board and they better be planning to get plenty of them on the board too. If Dalton and his receivers can stretch the field on the Broncos this game could turn into one of the best passing attacks the NFL has seen this season. Although it is going to be hard to out do what we saw last season in the N.Y. Giants game.

The Bengals are going to have their hands full trying to stop their losing streak and Peyton Manning at the same time.


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