Larry Fitzgerald couldn’t find the end-zone late in the game, the Cardinals had the ball well inside the red-zone, Kevin Kolb found Fitzgerald with a pass down by the 5 yard line and the great Larry Fitzgerald could not find the end-zone. The Cardinals were held for 60 minutes without a touchdown. This game makes you wonder how in the heck the Arizona Cardinals went undefeated for 4 games. You can’t pin all the blame for this loss on Kolb either. The Cardinals offensive line couldn’t protect their quarterback if they wanted to in the last 2 games.

Kolb has been sacked 17 times in two games. Some quarterbacks don’t get sacked that many times in a season. If the Arizona Cardinals expect to return to their winning ways they must find the pass protection needed to keep Kolb on his feet long enough to find Fitzgerald so he can make some plays. Fitzgerald caught 8 passes for 92 yards and only had one long completion of 26 yards. This isn’t exactly what you would expect from the Kolb to Fitzgerald combination.

The Cardinals didn’t get it done last night against a team they should have been able to beat. The Cardinals better find a way to get things on their offense fixed or the next 11 games are going to be extremely difficult on Kolb. He may not even be standing by himself come week 16 if they can’t find a way to protect him.

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