Browns running back Trent Richardson comes into the 2013 season ranked 84th in the NFL’s top 100 offensive players list. That isn’t very good for a guy who was drafted as high as Richardson was. According to ESPN’s Jamison Hensley, Richardson could have a break out year in the NFL.

That’s if Richardson can stay healthy. Hensley went on to say that T-Rich has a lot to prove this season. He doesn’t like the fact that he was out rushed by Alfred Morris and Doug Martin in their rookie seasons.

Hensley notes that Richardson was playing at what he described as half strength. He goes on to say that it will be Richardson’s combination of talent and determination that takes him to a break-out season.

That is if T-Rich can stay healthy. There are questions about the health of his legs coming into the 2013 season. There are real concerns about the Browns offensive like being effective in run blocking. The back in Cleveland are being hit well before the line of scrimmage and the Browns offensive line men are being caught with their weight back on their heals.

In his first preseason game, we saw an example of what happens when Richardson breaks to the outside. He is a dangerous running once he finds the open field. He just needs to find it more often this season with the play of the Cleveland o-line.

If he stays healthy I too would expect him to finish higher than 84th on the NFL’s top 100 list. But the key word here is healthy……

You can read Hensley’s article here……


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  1. MPH

    Doug Martin was a beast last year and his performance against Minnesota was one of the best all season. Morris though is reaping the benefits of RG3. Mobile QB’s change the game for there RB’s. I don’t think it’s a fair comparison to Trent, teams game plan to stop RG not Morris. If a teams QB can change the game in an instant with his legs then almost any RB can crack a 1,000 on the year.


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