ESPN’s first take was in a heated discussion about the reason Mike Shanahan has benched Robert Griffin III being benched. A multitude of former NFL players are coming forward and making the claim that Shanahan is a racist.

This is being provoked by the comments Donovan McNabb made about Mike Shanahan being a racist. It is surprising that Michael Irving would jump on the race card concerning the benching of RG3.

ESPN talked about the treatment of black quarterbacks by Mike Shanahan. They went as far as to say, he could be motivated because he is a racist.

Is this the reason Shanahan benched RG3? Could all these former players be letting their emotions interfere with their better judgement? This is being taken way out of proportion.

If Shanahan didn’t want a black quarterback to start for the Washington Redskins, he would have benched him earlier in the year. He let RG3 play this long thinking the team would turn itself around.

Once he saw, the team has no chance to make it into the play offs, he made the decision to sit him for the last three games. Why risk a personal injury that could end RG3’s career?

The smart thing to do would have been to sit him when the season started. This way these guys wouldn’t be talking about the race card now. What a mess they have going with the Washington Redskins now.

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  1. Tommy Malley

    How can football players like Donovan McNabb and Michael Irving say the coach benched RGIII because he is BLACK ! Who the hell would be playing this game that the whole country loves if he was racist ? My favorite goddamn player Chris Cooley would still be playing if that was the case , , catching touchdowns in the corner of the endzone …Damnit !


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