This will go down as the deal the Broncos blew. Elvis Dumervil is signing with the Baltimore Ravens and for Jon Elway and his Bronocs, this will be a day they remember for years. It all started to go bad when Dumervil and his agent missed the deadline that forced Elway’s Broncos to release the free agent.

It ended with Dumervil taking a deal that puts him in a Ravens uniform. The Broncos lost to the Ravens in a play-off game last season that cost the Broncos a possible trip to the Super Bowl. Dumervil who played for the Broncos since 2006 was one of their best defensive players.

He signed a contract in 2010 that was suppose to pay him 61.5 million dollars over the next six years. Elway and his Broncos head coach weren’t in charge when the deal was signed. The Broncos wanted to rework Dumervil’s deal this off-season and when it appeared that it was a done deal things went terribly wrong.

It all comes down to the fax machine. In this day and age it is hard to imagine a deadline being missed do to the documents arriving past a deadline. You have to wonder if Dumervil’s agent was shwoing some gamesmanship himself.

Now, it is all water under the bridge. Dumervil is going to Baltimore and the Broncos will now be in search of a guy to take his place. Dumervil was a leader on the Broncos defense. He always did his job and he brought pressure to the quarterback.

Elway better hope this choice doesn’t come back to haunt his 96 million dollar quarterback. If Dumervil and his new team does things right, the Broncos could be facing the Ravens in the play-offs again. It is going to be a shame to see Elvis Dumervil wearing a Ravens uniform if that meeting takes place.

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