So true. As you pointed out, this man has struggled mightily throughout his career–going ten years between his two most recent majors victories, and putting so horribly at times that he had significant trepidations about being around other players on the golf course due to anticipated ridicule. Yet last year at age 43, he accomplished something he evidently thought was beyond his reach:  he won the Open Championship.


Funny, then, that so many in and out of the sports fraternity don’t think that Tiger (six years younger and by consensus more highly skilled than Ernie Els or any golfer we’ve ever seen) will win another major championship. I’m 97% sure that he won’t win this weekend if only because his injured left elbow hasn’t allowed him to put in the necessary practice time to pull a feat of this magnitude off. And we all know what Tiger’s game can degenerate into when he hasn’t had time to put in the work.


But I’m still optimistic that this guy can (and will) win a major or two–perhaps more–prior to his 47th birthday. It’s been done before. And I have a feeling Tiger will be the one to do it again.



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