Eli Manning hasn’t been the quarterback we have come to know over his past two games. Manning and his Giants have to be disappointed losing in back to back weeks to teams from the AFC North. I can understand Manning taking a loss against the Steelers. I do not understand Manning and the Giants losing to the Cincinnati Bengals. The Bengals lost 4 games in a row coming into the Giants game. The Giants were completely dominated by the Bengals and it looked like the Giants underestimated this Bengals team.

The New York Giants are a much better football team than what we saw in the Bengals game. Their defense couldn’t even get to Andy Dalton and they let him pick the Giants defense apart. There is no excuse other than the Giants didn’t prepare properly for this game. There is on way in hell the Giants should have been beaten two weeks in a row by teams from the AFC North. Eli Manning better talk to his bother and get some advice how to stay focused. The Giants have a tough road ahead and being 6-4 right now doesn’t sit to well with some of the Giants fans. The team needs to stay dedicated to winning football games. We see this happen time after time, a team wins the Super Bowl then comes into the next season looking a bit disoriented.  The Giants have 6 games left and they have to play the kind of football the team is capable of playing to get through the play offs this season. Otherwise the New York Giants will be ending their season without a trip to the Big One.


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  1. bruce shadrick

    the giants def. sucks literally, whats goin on with cory webster?run uot of gas trying too defend the receiver?? dallas will end up laughing at big-blue if they continue on this way, hell wash. could end up better than the defending super bowl chumps (correct spelling) im friggin pissed, like a lot of other G i A n T s FAITHFUL & im from boston. get it together eli or get out your ice skates.

    • LG

      Their offense struggled yesterday too…


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