The New York Giants quarterback got an up close and personal look at the Redskins Robert Griffin III. He saw a guy that wants to win in the NFL and he was pushed to the limits to come back and win the game over the Redskins. RGIII gave it everything he had to beat the Giants and it almost worked. Manning had to dig down deep to find a way to win over the young rookie who keeps things interesting for his Redskins.  Eli watched as RGIII ran all over his Giants defense, RGIII put up 89 rushing yards and completed 20 of the 28 passes he threw for 258 yards and 2 touchdowns.

The 2 time Superbowl Champion had to find a way to come back in the 4th quarter to shut down the Redskins and win the game. It was a battle Manning would end up winning. Manning had to be impressed by what Griffin III brings to the field. The Giants had all they could handle with the first year rookie. The Giants barely got the win over RGIII beating the Redskins 27-23.

Eli Manning had a few tricks of his own finding his receivers 26 times out of the 40 passes he threw for 337 yards and one touchdown. Manning was intercepted twice and sacked once in a game that took everything Manning had to produce the win. Manning saw a performance from his young counterpart he could have lived without. The Giants defense gave up 248 yards rushing to the Washington Redskins in the game. It took a Giant effort for New York to win this one and that is exactly what they got out of their great quarterback. Manning is hard to stop when he is wanting a win. This one took Eli to the limit, he knew he was in a battle and he got by with a win.

This one was like a heavyweight fight, each guy delivery the deadly blow only to see the other come back with a blow of their own. In the end it was the more experienced fighter that walked away with the win……


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