If someone would have told you before the season started, the Giants led by Eli Manning wouldn’t win until week 7, you would have thought they were nuts.

But this is exactly what happened. The Giants beat the Vikings, and Manning now has his first win of the 2013 season. New York was able to outlast a Vikings team that started a new quarterback.

Manning passed for 200 yards completing 22 of his 39 attempts. He had only one touchdown toss in the game and he didn’t throw an interception which is a victory in itself.

The Giants aren’t playing very good football, but last night he Vikings played worse. The Giants looked sloppy offensively and they certainly don’t look like the Giants of old.

Manning struggled to get to the 200 yard mark and he is still searching for the form that makes him an outstanding NFL quarterback.

The Giants should have given the game ball to their punter Weatherford, he punted for 438 yards in the game on 9 attempts, this shows you how bad the Giants offense is playing.

9 punts in the game as the Giants still struggle to convert on 3rd down. New York only converted 7 of 19 3rd down attempts, nonetheless they were able to pull out a much-needed win and hopefully this will get them back on track.




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