The Dallas Cowboys can’t be serious about signing Brandon Weeden. They must be trying to force Kyle Orton into returning to the team. The Cowboys already have enough problems throwing interceptions, and bringing in Brandon Weeden would only make that problem worse.

Weeden doesn’t have what it takes to be a NFL quarterback. He panics under pressure and makes terrible decisions. He may have a gun for an arm, but throwing the ball out of reach for the receivers in no way to help your team win.

If Cowboy fans thought they had problems with Romo or Orton creating turn-overs, they haven’t seen nothing yet. If the Cowboys were to sign Weeden, they would really experience one of the worse quarterbacks in the history of the NFL.

Weeden is a mistake waiting for a place to happen. His ability to play in the NFL is hampered by his lack of guts to take a hit. When Weeden sees the defense coming after him, he throws the ball under-hand to the wrong team.

Weeden is nothing more than a failed NFL experiment by former Browns president Mike Holmgren. Holmgern had to know his time in Cleveland was short. He forced Tom Heckert to draft Weeden in the first round of the NFL draft.

Weeden’s former teammate Trent Richardson said it best when he thought the cameras were turned off at the NFL network following the 2012 season. He was caught saying how stupid Weeden was, he said the Browns had to try and simplify their offense so Weeden was able to understand it.

Is this the type of player Jerry Jones wants to put on his team? The Cowboys would be stupid to let Weeden anywhere near their facilities. Weeden is an offensive cancer that would kill any chance the Cowboys had at winning if he was actually put in the game.

The Cowboys don’t need any help turning the ball over and Weeden would be a waste of a roster spot.


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