Chip Kelly has made the jump into the NFL and so far he has hired losers to be his coordinators. Why would a guy that wants to build a winner in the NFL hire Pat Shurmur to run his offense and Billy Davis to run his defense? If that isn’t bad enough he wants to be the G.M. too. Kelly is rumored to want Michale Vick to play for less money. The man who probably used his negotiations to get more money from the Eagles wants the quarterback to make less money, how humorous is that?

When Kelly hired Shurmur is was bad enough. Shurmur has never had a winning record as an offensive coordinator. He had two season as the head coach of the Cleveland Browns and he was fired after a record of 9-23. Then there is the time he spent as the Rams O.C., if you have followed Shurmur’s career you would know he didn’t do very well there either. With the Chip Kelly fast paced offense Shurmur will be fortunate if he can get the plays into the game on time.

If Kelly didn’t shock the world enough with the hiring of Shurmur, he went out and found himself another loser in Billy Davis. Davis never was able to keep a job for more than a season as a defensive coordinator. He was fired from the 49ers and he was fired in Arizona  after the Cards were dumb enough to promote him to the D.C. Everywhere Davis goes the defense suffers. The Eagles defense really needs some help after last season and what does Kelly do? He brings in a guy who is a complete failure at what he does.

It is strange that Chip Kelly makes the jump into the NFL then hires guys who apparently can coach their way out of a paper bag. Maybe this is a tactic they use in Kelly’s game plan. You take moron’s and put them into the position of power and the opposition doesn’t think you know what you are doing. It is going to be very interesting to see how the Eagles soar in Philadelphia during the 2013 season.


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