When chip Kelly got his first win of his NFL coaching career, he thought it was going to be easy. he is quickly finding out nothing comes easy in the NFL. he looked like a guy whose dog died after the loss his Eagles suffered at the hands of the Kansas City Chiefs.

Kelly hand no answers for the Chiefs defense who had no problem slowing down Kelly’s quick tempo-ed offense. They darn near brought his high powered offense to a crawl. Now Kelly is left holding onto a 1-2 record and wondering what he is going to do to turn things around with his Philadelphia Eagles.

Kelly is the kind of head coach that thinks all of his plays will work if everyone gets their assignments right. Just when the Eagles blew the 2 point conversion they tired after they scored their first touchdown against the Chiefs.

Kelly was quick to blame some of his players for not getting their assignments right. It is this kind of thinking that is going to cost Kelly and his Eagles some more wins this season. Kelly refuses to believe how good NFL defenses are.

It is going to take time for him to realize, he isn’t in Oregon these day ans his team is facing the best of the best in the world. The speed of trhe NFL game is much quicker than it is on the college level and if Kelly expects to win, he is going to have to accept the fact he is playing with the big boys now, and not everything he comes up with is that ingenious.

if he doesn’t alter his thinking soon, the Eagles are going to be faced with anther losing season.

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