Ea Sports said, they have an incredible record for predicting the outcome of games. They say they correctly predicted the winners of 8 of the last 10 national Champions.

Here is what they stated;

In the lead up to Sunday’s game and in light of the eyebrow wager, wanted to follow up with an infographic that EA SPORTS developed highlighting the win/loss percentage for all online head-to-head matchups between Seattle and San Francisco on Madden NFL 25, as well as their prediction on who will finish victorious in this weekend’s game.

EA SPORTS’ simulation forecasts have proven to be incredibly accurate, with its annual Madden NFL Super Bowl simulation predicting the correct national champion 8 out of 10 times, as well as predicting the correct winner in 8 of 10 playoff games in the 2013 postseason. That said, EA SPORTS is predicting that Sunday’s matchup will be a close one, but the 49ers will eventually defeat the Seahawks and Russell Wilson will ultimately lose a brow.

Maybe someone should tell Pete Carroll that. I think he has other ideas. The Seahawks played pretty tough last season and I know Harbaugh is going to have his team better prepared this time. But come on, do we really think a simulator can correctly predict the outcome of NFL games?


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