The New Look Lakers with Dwight Howard didn’t go as planed, the Lakers were beat by the Dallas Mavericks. There were times during the game when it looked like Kobe Bryant was coaching Howard, perhaps Bryant would have been better suited just playing his own game and leaving Howard to play his own game. Howard had 19 points in his Laker debut, he was able to get his hands on 10 rebounds and had 2 assists. The Lakers fell short and lost to the Dallas Mavericks 99-91.

Pau Gasol led the way for the L.A. Lakers with 23 points as the Lakers failed to win their season opener with Howard. The Lakers looked a little confused at times but it was clear that Gasol knew what he was doing. Now it is time for Bryant to leave Howard alone and let him play his game. After All Howard is the super man of the NBA, he certainly doesn’t need Kobe directing traffic for him.

The Lakers are going to have a tough season ahead of them if they can’t figure out who is supposed to do what this season.



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  1. sportsbaron1

    I couldn’t have said it better myself, LG. And as long as Kobe insists on being Dwight’s chief mentor (as opposed to being just another supportive teammate), I think you’ll see Dwight finish the season averaging roughly 19 points and 10 to 12 rebounds–which won’t be markedly better than what they were getting out of Andrew Bynum (who, to me, has greater upside than Dwight does–and not just because he’s two years younger than Howard is…)

    But the bigger issue–and one that I’ve ranted about forever to the writers at the LA Times–is Kobe Bryant’s MASSIVE ego. We all know that he’s a Ninja who doesn’t take mediocrity on the part of his colleagues lightly. But if you notice, whenever the Lakers lose, it’s always his teammates’ fault. In the recallable past, following almost any Lakers’ loss, whenever one of the local writers approaches Bryant after they’d just finished stinking up the joint, Kobe always throws his mates under the bus for things they may have done wrong. But a collector’s item would be any public admission on his part of what HE did wrong –especially on defense–that clearly contributed to the team’s failings. And we won’t even delve into all the times he hogs the ball instead of trusting his comrades…

    On paper, the Lakers look like they ought to be strong enough to come out of the west as one of the entrants in the finals. But despite adding (much needed) depth, this is still an old club–with a 38 year old point guard (who I love, mind you, ) leading them. . This team is too slow and creaky to turn the ball over. And with the afore -mentioned Nash averaging, I predict, less than 30 minutes per contest in order to spare his legs, the Lakers CANNOT turn the ball over when Steve isn’t on the floor or they’ll get KILLED in transition by teams who are younger and faster than they are–and that will prove to be the equalizer for teams that may not be as talented as Los Angeles is overall…

    It will be interesting to see how all of this plays out. Granted, 9 games (eight of them exhibition games) are too small of a sample size to pass reliable judgment on. But to me,the Lakers look like a team that’s been stitched together. Almost every single player on their roster came from somewhere else–a circumstance which, as a fan of all the major sports, has made sports viewing less and less enjoyable. That aside, it remains to be seen if Mike Brown can transform this group into a cohesive, well-oiled machine before the playoffs get here. If not, he’ll be Mitch Kupchak’s next pink slip victim and the Laker fans will switch their allegiance to the team across the hall…

    Santa Monica

    • LG

      Do you think Kobe should back off a little or What?


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