Dwight Howard could become a Warrior. The team is really showing some interest in the free agent and have opened up trade talks to clear the cap space they would need to sign Howard to a deal. The problem is the Warriors aren’t willing to trade the guys the teams they are talking to are interested in.

Rumors have it that the teams the Warriors have approached want, Harrison Barnes and Klay Thompson as part of any trade. The Warriors can’t give up either of those 2 guys if they expect Howard to sign with them. Reports from people in the know say part of any Howard deal to come to the Warriors is because he wants to play with Barnes and Thompson.

If the Warriors can’t get a deal and they are left to try and work out a trade deal with the Lakers, it is unlikely they wouldn’t ask for one of the 2 Warriors young guns. The Warriors have to find a way to clear the cap space needed to get this deal done with Howard soon.

Otherwise Howard may decide to take a deal from one of the other 4 teams that have met with him over the past week. It doesn’t sound likely that Howard will stay in L.A. with the Lakers at this point in time but who knows. Maybe Kobe got through to Howard when the 2 of them talked.

Somehow I doubt it. But you just never know.

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