Dwight Howard could be playing for the Atlanta Hawks once the NBA season gets back underway. Howard who is from the Atlanta area met with the team on Monday and then he met with the Golden State Warriors on Monday night.

Hawks general manager Danny Ferry, said the meeting went will but wouldn’t give any more details about the meetings. Howard is going to get an offer from the Lakers, how good of an offer is not known at this time.

Howard is one of the most sought after free agents in the NBA this season. Where he could end up playing is anyone’s guess. We all know that Howard had a rough time adjusting to being a Laker and it is difficult to say if he would be happy returning to the team.

The Mavs are set to have a meeting with Howard, Mark Cuban and company will make a pitch to try and get Howard to come to Dallas and play for his team. Is Howard the kind of player that can impact these team’s?

He didn’t seem to play like the Howard of old that often in the 2012-2013 season. It seemed to take some special motivation to get Dwight Howard to have a good game. Is this something we can expect going forward in his career or is this something that just had to happen in L.A.?

It will be interesting to say the least to see where Howard decides he wants to play.

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