Hey, don’t get down on Dwayne Bowe too badly, he is the only Kansas City Chief that took the Bye Week seriously. Bowe wanted to kick back and relax a little during his time off.

He may have taken it a little too far, but after all when your team is undefeated and you’re getting ready to play the biggest rival in your division, what else did you expect Bowe to do.

He is a young guy and he was chilling out a bit. The Chiefs have worked hard and Bowe has done his part to contribute to the winning season.

Sure the Chiefs have to face a touch opponent this weekend. Bowe was making sure he was going to be focused and he was going to do a little partying during the Bye.

Does this make him any less of a football player? No, the simple truth of the matter is, drinking is far worse for you than smoking pot.

How many times do you hear of someone who is high on pot, causing a car accident? You can’t go a week without hearing about a drunk driver killing someone on the road.

There is no proof that Bowe was driving high. All we know is he was in possession of some marijuana. He will be fine come Sunday if the NFL doesn’t step in and stop him from playing, or the Kansas City Chiefs don’t suspend him.

They are playing Manning and his Broncos. The Chiefs are going to need to put all their weapons on the field to give Smith some targets. Bowe should be one of them.

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