Dusty Baker took his team to the Wild Card race and once again he comes away with nothing but his big mouth intact. Baker fails to manage his Reds properly. He continues to prove why he might not be the right manager to get the Cincinnati Reds to the next level.

He watched as his Reds were eliminated by the Pittsburgh Pirates and he didn’t do what it takes to come away with the one game win that would have pushed the Reds into the play-offs. How many seasons are the Reds front office going to sit back and watch as Baker lets his team get eliminated?

Baker stood in the dugout and watched as Johnny Cueto got hammered by the Pirates. He should have pulled the guy out when he saw he didn’t bring his good stuff with him last night. Why he went with Cueto is anyone’s guess.

The Reds have guys on their pitching staff that could have done better. Baker’s decisions have cost this team in the past. Why he would let his Reds fall behind in a one game play-off by 3 or 4 runs before pulling his pitcher shows how out of touch with reality Baker has become.

His days as a top manager in the big leagues have passed him by. It isn’t like the team was in a series where they could have come back. This was a one game play off and he watched helplessly as the Cincinnati Reds got beat.

Another season the Reds wasted for their fans. Thanks to Dusty Baker.

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