The Cincinnati Reds played great baseball the entire 2012 season. Now Dusty Baker is hearing all the fans in Cincinnati asking the question how could this happen to the Reds. The team had a 2-0 lead over the Giants only to see their world series hopes fade away losing in-game 5 with one of the Reds ace pitchers getting the start. Mat Latos wasn’t very good in-game 5 as the Reds fans who have waited for so long watched their season come to an end.

Latos pitched for 4-1/3 innings and he was hammered by the Giants who were sleeping through the first 2 games. You know what they say, never wake up a sleeping Giant and that is exactly what happened when the Giants found themselves with their backs against the wall. The Reds couldn’t stop the Giants as the Cincinnati pitching fell apart. Latos gave up 7 hits and surrendered 6 runs in the short time he worked in game 5.

The damage was done and the Reds offense couldn’t make up the difference. Cincinnati was already down 6-0 before their offense got going in the 5th inning. As much as they tried the Reds never could make up the deficit and the Giants won game 5 to close out the Cincinnati Reds season much to the disbelief of the fans. Now they are left to wonder how this could have happened to a team that only needed to win 1 out of the 3 games the Giants were able to take from the Reds.

People are already saying Baker can’t win the big games and he needs to be replaced.

It is going to be a terribly long off-season in the queen city. Tell us what you think about the Reds. Just leave your comments below….

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