Drew Brees and the Saints came to an agreement, Brees will make 100 million dollars with $60 million guaranteed playing for the Saints for the next five years. The road was long and Brees stayed patient. The Pro-bowl caliber quarterback deserves every penny he got from the New Orleans Saints. Brees made it through bounty-gate, he watched his head coach get suspended for the 2012 season. Brees will be the leader the Saints need this season, the quarterback has to keep his team focused through the 2012 season.

The Saints knew the value Drew Brees, they took their time to make sure they approached Brees with an offer that bettered the offer Peyton Manning got from the Broncos. This season will be a tell all season for Drew Brees. With Sean Payton not on the side-lines, the Saints are going to have a tough haul. Brees has put the Saints on his shoulders before and he is the type of guy that can do it again. With a new contract that pays Brees this will, I’ll bet Brees has a renewed feeling heading into this training camp. It is going to be an interesting season for the New Orleans Saints and Drew Brees. I think Brees is now up for the challenge…

Tell us what you think of the contract the Saints are giving Drew Brees and what kind of season you think he will have, just leave your comments below…..

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