Drew Brees got a nice contract before the season started, he wasn’t happy with the offers the Saints put in front of him so they sweetened the pot. Now that Drew Brees makes huge sums of money for leading the New Orleans Saints it seems like Brees forgot where it is he is suppose to take them. Brees and his Saints have lost there first three games of the 2012 season. Today they were beaten by the Kanas City Chiefs in overtime in a game the Saints should have never allowed to go into overtime.  The Saints shoul dhave had this game under control before it ever got to this point.

The New Orleans defense isn’t helping Brees and his offense. No team in the league has been under the stress the Saints were under due to Roger Goodell’s head hunting mission. The New Orleans Saints have to be missing their head coach Sean Peyton, it isn’t fair to the Saints that the  players suspended by Goodell are allowed to play due to a court order and the Saints head coach isn’t even allowed near an NFL field.

Drew Brees has to find a way to get his Saints a win, they cannot go to 0-4 and find themselves caught in a 4 game losing streak. People are starting to wonder if when Brees got heavy pockets with the large contract he received has somehow changed his approach to the game. I mean here is a guy that makes millions of dollars and got the contract he really wanted. Why should he go out there and kill himself now? It isn’t like the Saints are going to throw a bunch more money at him. Maybe Brees thinks he doesn’t have to prove himself anymore.




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