It was a record-setting performance for Drew Brees and his New Orleans Saints as he passed the record set 52 years ago for the most games in a row throwing a touchdown pass. Brees was not only able to break the record, he and the Saints avoided starting the season with 5 losses in a row. Brees was able to complete 24 of 45 passes for 370 yards and 4 touchdowns. The Saints would send the Chargers back to San Diego with a loss. The Saints beat the Chargers 31-24, it was a much-needed win for the Saints and one they waited until week five to get.

The Saints head coach who is serving a suspension was able to attend the game. Brees was able to get permission from the NFL Commissionaire to have Sean Peyton come to the game, not only was Peyton suspended for the season he wasn’t allowed to attend an NFL football game either.  How far-fetched is that? The NFL really penalized the Saints with this punishment. The Saints were able to get it going with their head coach watching from above.

Brees showed why he was able to set a record for games with a touchdown pass, he battled a tough Chargers defense all game long. Brees was trailing at the half, he came out in the 3rd quarter and played well. The Saints defense would step up their performance in the 4th quarter to hold the Chargers scoreless and that was the help Brees needed to put his Saints in the lead.

The New Orleans Saints were able to put 10 points on the board to take the lead in the 4th and they held on to get the win a much-needed game for Brees and his Saints which are still in last place in the NFC south 4 games behind the Falcons. Lets hope this is a start to a Saints winning streak…. Marques Colston was on the receiving end of three of Brees 4 touchdown passes, Colston had one hell of a game.

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