By Larry GLicken

There is no doubt in Dr. James Andrews mind that Robert Griffin III is way ahead of schedule in the rehabilitation process of his surgically repaired knee. Andrews praised the progress the quarterback has made since having the surgery on January 9th. Andrews said; “We don’t have to do much except try to hold him back.”  RGII is working hard to get ready to return to football. There may not be anyone that has a better work ethic in the NFL.

We have to remember that the surgery RGII had was to repair his torn ACL and LCL. No mater how hard you work at rehab the knee still has a 6 to 12 month spam to repair itself. Lets say that RGIII can meet the 6 month deadline. That would make him ready to return to football by July, just in time to start training camp at the end of the month. But if the knee isn’t completely healed  Dr. Andrews may find it necessary to hold RGIII back a little longer.

Andrews has said throughout the entire rehab process their biggest concern was trying to hold RGIII back from over doing it. Andrews also said;  “Our whole mode is to do what’s best for him for his career, not necessarily what’s best for the first game next season.”

It will be interesting to say the least to see if RGIII is ready come the Redskins season opener. If I had to bet on it I would think he will be.


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