Derrick Coleman, the deaf running back for the Seattle Seahawks, can’t hear how loud their 12th man is. Coleman has to read Wilson’s lips win he changes the play at the line of scrimmage.

His entire life, he has been told he can’t. Now with only one game standing between his Seattle Seahawks and the Super Bowl, Coleman hopes he sees someone saying the Seahawks can’t do it.

He uses that to his advantage to take to the field and prove it can be done. Coleman has been deaf since he was 3 years old. He has made it into the NFL after having a great career at UCLA and Pete Carroll is glad to have this guy in his offensive backfield.

Coleman is a guy that doesn’t make mistake too often. Because he is deaf, he has only had two false starts in his entire football career. He is a solid RB and he brings another dimension to the Seahawks running game.

He is good out of the backfield and gives Wilson another target as an outlet receiver. He is looking forward to playing in his first Super Bowl. The Seahawks have to find inspiration from a guy like Coleman.

He is as positive as they come in the National Football League. He might be deaf, but he has been told he can’t do it for a long time and now he is out to prove he can do it and so can his Seattle Seahawks.


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